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Animal Adoption Success Story: Church

Cat Adoption Success Story Church

Church (originally named She-She) arrived at the rescue in May 2015 after her beloved owner passed away. Fortunately, she found a permanent home with a new owner not long afterward.

Church was very shy when she arrived at Tyson’s Place, and it took time for her to adjust to life without her longtime owner. After only a few short weeks in a foster home, however, she found a permanent place to live.

Her new owner treated her with lots of patience and care, and as the weeks progressed, Church blossomed into a very loving and devoted companion. She even likes to nap with the family dog! Thanks to her adoptive owner, Church now gets to live the rest of her life in a comfortable and loving environment.

Because she came to Tyson’s Place, Church — like all the animals who enter our care — never had to experience the trauma of living in a cage at a shelter. This made her adjustment to her new home and new life that much easier.