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Uno Lost Her Purr

Did you know that animals grieve? Here at Tyson’s Place, our rescue’s mission is to assist terminally ill people with finding new families for their pets, including after an owner has passed away. We don’t have a facility, so we rely on volunteers to temporarily house the animals until adopted. We move dogs and cats…

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Animal Adoption Success Story: Sandy & Missy

Lola animal adoption success story

Sandy, age 14, and Missy, age 17, both chihuahuas, came to us when their elderly owners could no longer care for them. Missy immediately bonded with whoever would pet her, while Sandy took a few days to warm up to her new family. Both girls were bonded to each other, and we happily kept them…

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Animal Adoption Success Story: Church

Cat Adoption Success Story Church

Church (originally named She-She) arrived at the rescue in May 2015 after her beloved owner passed away. Fortunately, she found a permanent home with a new owner not long afterward. Church was very shy when she arrived at Tyson’s Place, and it took time for her to adjust to life without her longtime owner. After…

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Animal Adoption Success Story: Harry And Josie

Harry and Josie Success Story

Harry and Josie are a brother-and-sister duo of 11-year-old Persian cats who arrived at our rescue after their owner became unable to care for them. These two siblings make quite the pair, as they’re incredibly gentle, friendly, and loving. Both cats had medical needs, but they fortunately found an owner who has experience handling these…

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